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  1. Users MUST sweep floors and wipe off tables after use. If used, kitchen and bathrooms must be cleaned.
  2. Tables and chairs must be arranged as found (lift-don't slide) and no furniture is to be removed from the building.
    Any furniture brought into building must have protective footings.
  3. Renter must provide own supplies, i.e.: dishes, cups, utensils, etc. and dish towels/cloths for own use.
  4. User's garbage must be removed. The township will NOT be responsible for refuse but will provide garbage bags.
  5. A maximum of 100 people may use the building at any one time. Meeting or function must cease at midnight.
  6. Any alterations/decorations must be pre-approved. Do not put pins, nails, tape, etc. on walls and ceiling.
  7. No pets, drugs or alcohol on premises. Smoking allowed outside building, with remains being placed in container.
  8. Do not open windows. Use air conditioning, fan, or heat when needed. When done, turn air/fan off or heat lowered.
  9. Do not block back doors.
  10. If used, renter is responsible for key. If lost, renter will be responsible for the cost of changing locks.

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