Northern Township

Northern Township is planning a project that would install a wastewater system around the Northwest end of Lake Bemidji. 

The planned system will run north and east along County Rd 21 (Phase 1) and then along County Rd 20 (Phase 2), ending at Lake Bemidji State Park. The total wastewater system project is approximately 3 miles in length.

At the same time of phase 2 of the project, Beltrami County will be reconstructing County Rd 20 from the intersection with County Rd 21 to the intersection with County Road 414 which is the entrance to Lake Bemidji State Park. That road project will include storm sewer, curb and gutter, a multi-use trail along with Northern Township’s sanitary sewer. The concurrence of the two projects will potentially save $1.5 million dollars on costs for the wastewater system project.

Lake Bemidji, the first city on the Mississippi river, is the focal point of the thriving regional center of Bemidji with over 15,000 residents and serves as the center for economic development for all of northern Minnesota. This resource welcomes hundreds of thousands of recreational users every year.

The wastewater system project will help maintain water quality of a shared natural resource of great importance to our region. There are currently many old septic systems that need updating and, with a low water table around much of the Lake, this puts the future water quality of the Lake in jeopardy.

This project will realize a 50 plus year regional planning goal of adding sanitary sewer services to the northern side of Lake Bemidji and enhance the quality of life of residents and visitors for generations to come.